Saturday, September 13, 2008

Growing babes

As many of you may know Hyrum, Hayden and Mommy (trey) are in Bellevue, Wa. w/o our daddy Oscar! Well I haven't been very good at keeping up with this whole blog thing... as I don't have my own personal computer for the time being and well the part I enough most, after reading the funny blogs you all do... are the pics... I don't like doing a blog if there are no pics to include! Well today my friends... I do have some! Yea!!!
Well I am going to be better at this whole blogging thing, as Oscar is going to be checking it from time to time to see pics of his babes! As we are not exactly sure how long we all will be apart... in the meantime we need to stay in touch and he needs to be able to see his little ones and how they are growing!
Hyrum thinks is a big boy... like teenager! For example... while in Mexico, after seeing his older Cousins go a few house down the street, where there is a little store... Hyrum learned to open my in-laws door (not an easy task... it sticks and all) and walk down the street... before we even noticed he was missing he was back, candy in hand. By the way... the child had no money... he begs for candy... GREAT! He shows me daily how much he's not a baby anymore... even through he refuses to pooh in the potty... nasty!! Filth if you as me!
Hayden will be a year in mid November! WOW... this year has flown!!!! Crazy! Today for the first time she took 2 and 3 steps at a time... this last week it was a step and a half... maybe 2x a day... today was several times! She can also crawl up stairs... and tummy crawl down... well that happened only once! Finally have 9 months my baby girl can hold her own bottle! I love how she walks and crawls at a normal rate... but the bottle thing, which is "easier" she just waits on! Silly little girl!
I have enjoyed watching them make milestones in their lives... these simple and small things are what really bring me joy!