Sunday, August 9, 2009

A bit of an update on the Crazy Santiago's!!!!

Well life here in Charlotte, NC is never "boring". For the time being I am a single parent, whether Oscar and I want it or not. Oscar is still in Mexico and wont be rejoining us until we can get his resident Visa or we return to Mexico. Oscar still doesn't have a job, which is hard on him. I am working for Wachovia a Well Fargo Company, and it is what it is. Luckily we have some good friends that watch the kids and in a few weeks Hyrum will start Preschool! He's uber excited! Always asking if today is the day he gets to go to school! Hayden is growing so much everyday. Her hair gets longer and longer! She's a hot pepper that's for sure... right behind me to scold Hyrum when he's done something wrong! They, aside from my husband are the loves of my life!
We are trying to make things work... spiritually, financially, emotionally and logisically! The kids to miss their "Papi" as I do, however knowing this time isn't forever and we are... helps... part of the time! The other part that helps is having friends and work to distract us from the reality of things!
We love and miss you all... we think of you often! Please don't hesitate to call or texted... especially after 8pm est. 704-953-2789. Love you lots!!!!! Trey, Oscar, Hyrum & Hayden

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More fun pics!

Here are a few more from over the past several months. Cleaning, Our friend Connor's B-Ball game, Easter Sunday, Bath time and more!

Crazy caught up!

Well the long of the short of the last several months, is that the kids and I are in Charlotte, NC. We'll be here for awhile. However Oscar in a sense is stuck in Mexico. We love him and miss him. We are hoping to go and visit here in a few months, however we'll see. Things have been a roller coaster for our family for the last year... yes all this madness started almost a year to the date. I can't believe it and it doesn't seem like it's going to get any less crazy for awhile. Well as far as the family being together. I am working at Wachovia again, I feel very blessed to have a job. A good friend is watching the kids and we'll be moving into our own place hopefully this coming weekend! Here's hoping and praying! We all also are in good health. Things aren't perfect nor have they been, especially this last year! I have some to realize things never are how they look to everyone else. Or in other words... perfect and 100% ideal! We all have our issues, struggles, hardships, trails, whatever you may choose to call them. I just know that Heavenly Father knows how much and what we can handle, especially if we endure and are faithful. We're hoping for a Miracle to get Oscar here w/ papers... so here's hoping, wishing, praying, fasting etc. We love you all and are grateful for your love and friendship. Love Us... The Santiago's

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tephe- Water Park in Mexico

After the first of the year, Oscar, the kids and I along w/ my mother and father in law, and sister in law and family, all went to a water park about an hour away from the house. We left early in the morning thinking we were only going to stay the day then return to the house that night. My mother in law has lots of birds and she was worried they'd freeze to death, as the nights do get very cold! Well we were able to convince her to stay. The problem was we only had planned on staying the day, not the night as well. We made it work, luckily we'd brought a change of clothes for the way home, and we made do.
Some of the water parks here in this area have hotels inside the park, as so you pay the nights stay, then your entrance is free, as you're already inside! It's pretty cool! We (my sister in law) paid $800 pesos which is less than $80 dlrs, for a room that had 5 beds, yes five, cinco! It was a large room, w/ 1 bathroom and a curtain that divided 2 beds from the other 3. It was an interesting night, my mother and father in law were right next to us, and Holy Cow Batman, do they SNORE LOUD! I knew they snored, it's not bad when there's at least a wall between you and them, however right in your ear, makes for a restless night! Along w/ the snoring Hayden kept waking up crying, like every 2 hours! She was probably overly stimulated or something! Also Hyrum during the last hour or 2 decided to swim in the very shallow hard of one of the pools, and he wanted to drive, well after all the "diving" he tummy was pretty scratch up, and needless to say he woke up more than Hayden did, as he likes to sleep on his tummy and it would hurt! I kept having to tell him to stay on his back or side, (as he's half asleep!)
Well after almost 2 full days of water park fun, Hyrum has almost master the art of swimming... we were showing him some basic stuff, once we bought him some goggles... the boy took off and had a blast holding his breath and going under the water! I wish there was a pool nearby, as to get him in swimming classes, that would make his day, week, month and year! He fell so much in love w/ swimming, once we had to go home, he cried and cried! Poor Boy! When we got home, we took baths, and w/ goggles on, he tried to swim in the little basin we use for a bathtub!
Both Hyrum & Hayden are brozened babies! They get so dark! I apply 2 coats 2 twice a day... and still dark, the wonderful thing is NOT BURN!!! I wish I were the same! I have to apply like 5 coats every 2 hours!
All in all it was a good time, we hope to go again soon, as Hyrum asks every other day about swimming!
Day #2 Hayden, my water baby! Isn't she super tan!
Day #2 Under this hut was part of the main pool area, this is in the morning, cool air, hot water!
Day #2 Morning, cool air and hot water
Day#1 Oscar, Hyrum and I in front of a palm tree, in the wave pool!
Day#1 Hyrum taking a break and eating some yogurt. Day #1 Hyrum and Oscar in the wave pool... it was windy, however the water is warm!
Day #2- Oscar and I in the main pool, hot spring water. There was a cool fountain... I got up on the rock several times!
Night #1 The hotel room, the half w/ 3 beds, Oscar and I were in the middle bed, the kids in the far bed, and the in laws in the bed closest to the camera!
Day #1 Hyrum, Hayden and I in the kiddie pool. It was a pretty cool pool!
Day #1 Oscar helping Hayden eat yogurt w/ a fork (no spoons)!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I-130 Petition was Accepted!!!

As of January 9th 2009 my petition for Oscar's residency was accepted! As good as that sounds, it's not guarentee that he'll get his visa. I spoke to an Immigration lawyer, that we want to work with, last night. After talking to him I felt happy, hope, frustrated, sad, foolish, stressed,etc.!
I have now realized that we should have first had a lawyer since we filed the I-130. Second not have left the states until we had Oscar's interview date in Juarez(we still don't have that date yet!)And third and before everything else, gotten all our facts straight before deciding on leaving NC.
It comes down to you live and learn, I am hoping that this lesson will end good and we can come back all together on a plane, LEGALLY!!!
I know now that we need to use a lawyer now, as to have greater chances on getting his waiver accepted. We (or the lawyer) has to file a hardship waiver for Oscar as he was in the us for more than 180 days illegally. The lawyer says it's about 200 pages he'll send w/ the Consulor packet (paperwork... lots of it!)
I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel, however I have never felt so scared in my life. Our life and future is in the hands of people we don't know and don't know us. I am praying and trying to have faith that they'll see though all the paperwork we are good people and that Oscar is a wonderful, hardworking father and husband. Also I pray they will see/feel that our love for one another is true and eternal. That we love each other so much and that love grows and spills over into our current children and those to come.
Please keep us in your prayers that we can make it back safely and legally. Also that the lawyers can work hard on our case and be honest. Also that those who our case passes through their hands at the government level, will handle it with care and feel I am a good citizen and Oscar will be the same, if not better!
Thanks to you all for your love and support. We hope and pray we'll be reunited soon! Love The Santiago Family

Monday, January 5, 2009

How we cook in Mexico

I am going to shed some light on how things are do things down here in Mexico. As well as what things are like. Education for all!
A few weeks ago my mother in law, Oscar and partly myself made some Mole to sell to friends and family in Mexico City or DF. Mole takes a lot to make, Ingredients as well as time. For those of you who are unaware of what it is... it's basically a sauce type substance that you put over chicken mostly. However you can also put it over rice, beans, eggs and other meats etc.
Well we cooked outside, over coals... yes cooking over coals. Well we don't cook everything that way, however it takes a long time to cook and to use the gas would be double the price and we wanted to make a profit. We have to buy tanks of gas a about 2 every month or so so heat the water and to cook on the stove. Here are the pics of us making the Mole outside... yes next to the washer... good times!