Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crazy caught up!

Well the long of the short of the last several months, is that the kids and I are in Charlotte, NC. We'll be here for awhile. However Oscar in a sense is stuck in Mexico. We love him and miss him. We are hoping to go and visit here in a few months, however we'll see. Things have been a roller coaster for our family for the last year... yes all this madness started almost a year to the date. I can't believe it and it doesn't seem like it's going to get any less crazy for awhile. Well as far as the family being together. I am working at Wachovia again, I feel very blessed to have a job. A good friend is watching the kids and we'll be moving into our own place hopefully this coming weekend! Here's hoping and praying! We all also are in good health. Things aren't perfect nor have they been, especially this last year! I have some to realize things never are how they look to everyone else. Or in other words... perfect and 100% ideal! We all have our issues, struggles, hardships, trails, whatever you may choose to call them. I just know that Heavenly Father knows how much and what we can handle, especially if we endure and are faithful. We're hoping for a Miracle to get Oscar here w/ papers... so here's hoping, wishing, praying, fasting etc. We love you all and are grateful for your love and friendship. Love Us... The Santiago's


Myrnie said...

Oh no! Here's praying his papers come together soon!

Carmen said...

I hope that you guys can get that worked out soon! I know it must be a struggle for you and your family.