Monday, January 5, 2009

How we cook in Mexico

I am going to shed some light on how things are do things down here in Mexico. As well as what things are like. Education for all!
A few weeks ago my mother in law, Oscar and partly myself made some Mole to sell to friends and family in Mexico City or DF. Mole takes a lot to make, Ingredients as well as time. For those of you who are unaware of what it is... it's basically a sauce type substance that you put over chicken mostly. However you can also put it over rice, beans, eggs and other meats etc.
Well we cooked outside, over coals... yes cooking over coals. Well we don't cook everything that way, however it takes a long time to cook and to use the gas would be double the price and we wanted to make a profit. We have to buy tanks of gas a about 2 every month or so so heat the water and to cook on the stove. Here are the pics of us making the Mole outside... yes next to the washer... good times!


Emma said...

Awesome! Those are the moments you cherish. You're kids will love growing up with 2 cultures. I like your excited look :). Can you mail me some mole please!?