Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Fotos!

So we have some caughting up do! Here are some fotos of the kids while we were in Bellevue! Hyrum, Hayden and cousin Emma getting ready to do some shopping
w/ Mommy and Auntie Jennifer!

Matt, Bryanna, Hyrum and Emma playing super heroes.

Emma, Hayden and Bryanna

My serious Boy, Hyrum at the Water Park!

Hayden showing off her new paci clip and matching hair bows our friend Melissa made us!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Pics!

NC- chill'in during a movie!

Our last pick w/ the McCall fam, in NC... minus Lindz.

NC- Our first Bath together!

Moneterry MX.- Meeting our Tio Mori,
for the first time, on his mission.

Santiago MX.- Abuelo/Abuela outside a cool art expo.

Enjoy a few more!

Quick Caught up!

Okay, now that we are in Mexico again... and we are far my our family and friends in the US, I have promised myself to be better at updating my blog and filling you all in on our fun mexican adventures and what not! Since June 1st we left the US and we were all together in Mexico June & July. Then the 1st of August the kids and I went back to the States as we were informed that we couldn't start Oscar paper process from Mexico. We went to Bellevue and were living w/ my brother Cris, his wife Jennifer and thier 3 to 5 kids (depending on the weekend). We had a good time getting to know better our auntie/sister in law, as well our cousins/ nieces and nephews. I got a job w/ Wells Fargo as a Teller... same as when I was w/ Wachovia. I really enjoyed working for this company as it's a great company as well as the people made it easier to go to work everyday! We found out it was going to take a longer time then originally told, to get Oscar his papers... as we don't have the $$ or the connections. They haven't even looked at our petition to date, and it was received in mid August! We are hoping to sell our house here in Mexico as to be able to pay a lawyer to file the hardship wavier, we are unable to do it on our own! Well w/ all this in mind, it was clear we needed to be together as a family. So on Nov. 15, 2008 the kids and I made another long trip back to Mexico. We are living w/ my in-laws as it's hard to find jobs here in Mexico and we haven't to date! We are hoping this all changes, as even though we love his parents... it's just not the same to have your own place and privacy. Please keep us in your prayer for all the above things! This past year 2008 has been a rollercoaster for the Santiago family. More stress then I would have thought it would have brought, and I am pretty sure the stress isn't going to change much into the New Year! However I am grateful for my loving Husband and my 2 wonderful kids. Hyrum has turned 3 years old and my baby girl Hayden is now 1 year old, as of November 19. We all get to be in 1 room together... it's fun and interesting! We are going to have a small party for Hyrum and Hayden to celebrate their Birthdays, this Saturday the 29th of November. Basically all of Oscar's siblings, their spouses and kids... so I guess it's not going to be too small! We will have updated pics. this weekend! I hope you all enjoy, I know I love seeing your's! We love you all!