Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I-130 Petition was Accepted!!!

As of January 9th 2009 my petition for Oscar's residency was accepted! As good as that sounds, it's not guarentee that he'll get his visa. I spoke to an Immigration lawyer, that we want to work with, last night. After talking to him I felt happy, hope, frustrated, sad, foolish, stressed,etc.!
I have now realized that we should have first had a lawyer since we filed the I-130. Second not have left the states until we had Oscar's interview date in Juarez(we still don't have that date yet!)And third and before everything else, gotten all our facts straight before deciding on leaving NC.
It comes down to you live and learn, I am hoping that this lesson will end good and we can come back all together on a plane, LEGALLY!!!
I know now that we need to use a lawyer now, as to have greater chances on getting his waiver accepted. We (or the lawyer) has to file a hardship waiver for Oscar as he was in the us for more than 180 days illegally. The lawyer says it's about 200 pages he'll send w/ the Consulor packet (paperwork... lots of it!)
I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel, however I have never felt so scared in my life. Our life and future is in the hands of people we don't know and don't know us. I am praying and trying to have faith that they'll see though all the paperwork we are good people and that Oscar is a wonderful, hardworking father and husband. Also I pray they will see/feel that our love for one another is true and eternal. That we love each other so much and that love grows and spills over into our current children and those to come.
Please keep us in your prayers that we can make it back safely and legally. Also that the lawyers can work hard on our case and be honest. Also that those who our case passes through their hands at the government level, will handle it with care and feel I am a good citizen and Oscar will be the same, if not better!
Thanks to you all for your love and support. We hope and pray we'll be reunited soon! Love The Santiago Family


Emma said...

We'll keep you in our prayers for a fast Visa!! We miss you guys.

teeny said...

so good to read about everything! yahoo about oscar's petition!!!

we will continue to pray and know heavenly father will bless you and you'll be back in not time.

tommy and rachel are getting married. rachel wall, connie's daughter. may 30th. so be back by then. send your address so we can send an announcement!

love to you all! me

Heather said...

Ok, I had to come to the blog to get the update. Good and bad! Exciting that the petition has been accepted, but then it's all the rest of the paperwork, too. Argh! I feel for you, girl! More than you know. I pray and hope for the best for you and your little family. Be strong!