Thursday, April 3, 2008

International Fed-Ex

okay, I have to get something off my chest. As some of you may know my little family and I are moving to Mexico at the end of May. As to make the drive down there a little easier we decided to ship some book, photo albums etc. down through Fed-Ex. We have a friend who used to work for them and was able to get us a great discount on the shipping.
To make a long story short... packages shipped 3-12-08... not able to deliver as there was a tablecloth & matching napkins inside w/ no sales tags... for those of you who don't know... you can't ship any cloth or clothing w/o sales tags on them. So I requested to have them shipped back... they have to charge me the amt. w/o discount... well it's been almost a month of dealing w/ this and still not packages. I'd love to say whatever throw them away... however... they are irreplaceable things inside... mission memories and journals etc. So I am on FIRE w/ Fed-Ex right now! I guess it really boils down to Customer Service in general... I can count on 1 hand how many good experiences I've had... and I've called CS Reps.... a million-catrillion times! Soap Box completed... for now! :)


myrnie_twin said...

When my husband's brother came home from his mission to Mexico last year, he sent a huge box home- all his pictures, mission memories, a few gifts from friends in the branches down there, and letters. When it FINALLY arrived a month later, there was nothing in the box but a teddy bear that a friend had given him. It shipped at 15 pounds and arrived at 1 pound. He was devastated. There HAS to be a better way to ship things!!

Carmen said...

Oh my goodness Treyonna, that's awful!
I think my mom told me that Fed-Ex has messed up stuff for C.E.S. (Church Educational System) and they no longer use Fed-Ex anymore. Not sure which carrier it is they use...but that says a lot about the church! :)
In the mean time, I'll pray that you get your stuff back!

The Davis Family said...

Yeah! I am glad you have a blog! It will be a great way to keep in touch when you are in Mexico! has the Fed ex package showed up yet??? Good Luck!