Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To Rock or to Cry?

I've have spoiled my baby girl Hayden! When my son Hyrum was a month old he would fall asleep all by himself in his crib. I was/am very proud of that! However I have been a slacker or just can't bare to hear my baby girl cry bloody murder!

Well Hayden is now almost 6 months old and it's got to stop! I was finding it easier to rocker her to sleep ( however it had to be w/ her head to the left and a blanket over her head, mostly to block out any distractions, ie HYRUM!) It was/is easier as she falls asleep very fast, then about 15 minutes after that I'd put her in her crib and she'd stay asleep (at night).

Well as I said before the time has come and I as well as my husband need more alone time... as it's once in a blue moon we actually get to talk before we sleep, let alone anything else (read a book, what a movie... don't know what ya'll were thinking about! ;)) Anyway I am counting to night as a success!!!! I was tired, Oscar was at his weekly meeting at church, Hyrum didn't want to eat his dinner... (story of my life, for now!), Hayden wanted me to hold her non-stop, had dirty dishing to take care of and pick up toys in the LR... well I was needless to say, ready to call it quites!! So I put Hyrum to bed, brushed his teeth (in that order... not normal... I was frustrated however!) Tried to put Hayden to sleep the old way... she wasn't having it... so I told her (as if she can completely comprehend what I was telling her,) "Hayden, no more... it's night night time and your going to put yourself to sleep"- translated from Spanish (I tend to speak spanish to the kids when I get upset... more passionate or something!)

Well I washed the dishes, even the stove, pots and pans... about 20 mins later of crying on and off... asleep (by 9:30pm!) We're on the road to 8pm bedtime... Yeah!!! I am feeling better now... I know however if Oscar would have been here during the whole thing... he wouldn't have let 5 mins. go by... he's a more loving parent than I am I guess, or his baby girl melts his heart... we'll for for #2.

I was actually able to call my mom and talk to her for a few mins before Oscar got home! It's a GREAT NIGHT TO BE A MOMMY!!! SUCCESS!!!!


Aunt LoLo said...

Good job, Mommy Santiago! I'm all about letting my "sweet baby" cry it out. I don't think it makes Oscar a more "loving parent"...I think it just means he's a wuss. ;-) (Don't tell him I said that!) I think the hardest part is keeping hubs QUIET while the baby cries herself to sleep! (By the way, it usually takes BBJ three nights before any major changes can take place with her sleep. ie - self soothing, putting herself to sleep, etc.) We just moved into a new house, and last night I just didn't turn the baby monitor on. I'm not sure if she slept through the night or not...but I'm tired and I didn't care! hahaha

The Davis Family said...

Lily has that same princess sleeper and she is wearing it right now! Yeah for cute clothes!!

Scott and Laura...usually Laura said...

I didn't you had a blog. I am glad I found yours. It is funny because with each of my babies it just gets easier and easier to let them cry. :) I guess it comes down being a good mom and knowing whats best for your child. Good job Mommy. I too have spoiled my baby Logan but I am getting to the point were I will leave him to work it out himself.
Silly babies.

Andria Sommers said...

yea for sleeping babies! I hear ya, lincoln took a looong time before he was a good sleeper, so kudos for getting herhr to sleep. Cute blog