Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1st & 3rd Birthday!!

Well shortly after arriving back in Mexico, Oscar planned a Birthday Party of Hyrum and Hayden. Hyrum turned 3 on Oct. 30th and Hayden is now 1 year old as of Nov. 19th. Over this last year both have grown so much, especially my Hayden. I can't believe she has been walking for about 3 months now and is wanting to talk so bad. Thus far she has papi, mami, more/mas, bahbah (bottle), esta (this), and love to shake her head "no"! Well we had a great time at their Birthday party. Lots of Oscar's family! The night before we thought only 1 maybe 2 siblings would arrive, as all were saying they had this or that do. However the day of, we were greatly surprised at the turn out. 4 of his 8 siblings and spouses came, as well as their children. We ate food very tradition to this part of Mexico. Tamales- chicken w/ green salsa as well as sweet tamales- pineapple, rasins and apple... not together... in different tamles. As well as Ponche- which is a hot fruit drink, similar to apple cidar or wassel. Also Posoles- which is dried corn which you then boil for a few hours to soften, then there's pork chunks, and then you at the chiles mixure. You eat it as a soup w/ tostadas, shredded lettuce and fresh lime. It's super yummy! However it stains! We also had cake of course. Oscar's brother Ivan and his wife Lizeth, brought a "Kung Fu Panda" pinada. The kids had a great time. Hyrum had to change his shirt 3 times, as he got so excited about his cake and got it all over him, before we even started the party. Silly kid! Latin tradition is that after you blow out your candles (Oscar bought trick ones!!! Thanks I got to blow, and blow, and blow them out!), that you take a bite of your cake... well Hyrum didn't want to, then after he saw how funny it was when Hayden did it... and he kept putting icing on his face, and Hayden jecked and got it on her forehead! I hope you all enjoy the pics! We had a great time! Thanks to all!


teeny said...


i'm so glad you have a blog. i do too but i'm way behind with dale and all. the kids look so good! i'll email you soon. trying to get things ready for everyone being here for christmas.