Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Potty Training... Going #2

Well many of you know we have had a crazy year. The whole potty training thing w/ Hyrum has been a long road. I wanted to have him potty trained shortly after he turned 2, as so I wouldn't have double diaper duty... however he wanted nothing to do w/ it at that time. We knew at the end of May we'd be headed down to Mexico, so we decided to wait until we arrived down there, as to be in a stable environment to get the job done. Well things didn't work out as we wanted when we had our first round in Mexico. We were in Seattle for a short 4 months (not as planned), and we tried again there... as we thought we'd be staying longer. While we were there, he got the pee pee thing down pretty good, thanks to the Pre-School he was attending, however he wasn't in big boy underwear and he treated the Pull-ups as diaper, when it comes to #2. We've been here in Tepatepec, Hidalgo, MX for a little over a month now... and about 2 weeks ago (yes I am a little slow!) Hyrum did his first #2 on his own. We didn't tell him to go or try... he just did it on his own. As many of you, we were overjoyed. As you can see from the picture (which was a re-enactment several minutes later!) He didn't not go on the "Potty". At my in laws house here in Mexico... you have to go "outside" to go to the bathroom... the bathroom it's self is a room, house the middle of the house is open and all the doors face the middle (court yard... sorta kinda). Well someone was in the actual bathroom, and my wonderful husband taught (against my wishes) that if the bathroom is occupied to go "outside" near the washboard and washing machine, as there is a drain out. Well that's where Hyrum did his first #2, he was very proud of himself that he did it all by himself. Guess who had the honor of cleaning it up... oh no not me... papi, as he taught him to go there! Well since then the going #1 or #2 "outside" has stopped. Thank goodness... GROSS! We have had several accidents... however we are going strong and we have had 2 dry nights so far... so hopefully we can get that done and over with, before we try on Hayden. They say girls are easier and faster... we'll see!


The Davis Family said...

Way to go hyrum! Poor Oscar...serves him right for teaching him to go outside!!


We hope you have a great day!!!