Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tephe- Water Park in Mexico

After the first of the year, Oscar, the kids and I along w/ my mother and father in law, and sister in law and family, all went to a water park about an hour away from the house. We left early in the morning thinking we were only going to stay the day then return to the house that night. My mother in law has lots of birds and she was worried they'd freeze to death, as the nights do get very cold! Well we were able to convince her to stay. The problem was we only had planned on staying the day, not the night as well. We made it work, luckily we'd brought a change of clothes for the way home, and we made do.
Some of the water parks here in this area have hotels inside the park, as so you pay the nights stay, then your entrance is free, as you're already inside! It's pretty cool! We (my sister in law) paid $800 pesos which is less than $80 dlrs, for a room that had 5 beds, yes five, cinco! It was a large room, w/ 1 bathroom and a curtain that divided 2 beds from the other 3. It was an interesting night, my mother and father in law were right next to us, and Holy Cow Batman, do they SNORE LOUD! I knew they snored, it's not bad when there's at least a wall between you and them, however right in your ear, makes for a restless night! Along w/ the snoring Hayden kept waking up crying, like every 2 hours! She was probably overly stimulated or something! Also Hyrum during the last hour or 2 decided to swim in the very shallow hard of one of the pools, and he wanted to drive, well after all the "diving" he tummy was pretty scratch up, and needless to say he woke up more than Hayden did, as he likes to sleep on his tummy and it would hurt! I kept having to tell him to stay on his back or side, (as he's half asleep!)
Well after almost 2 full days of water park fun, Hyrum has almost master the art of swimming... we were showing him some basic stuff, once we bought him some goggles... the boy took off and had a blast holding his breath and going under the water! I wish there was a pool nearby, as to get him in swimming classes, that would make his day, week, month and year! He fell so much in love w/ swimming, once we had to go home, he cried and cried! Poor Boy! When we got home, we took baths, and w/ goggles on, he tried to swim in the little basin we use for a bathtub!
Both Hyrum & Hayden are brozened babies! They get so dark! I apply 2 coats 2 twice a day... and still dark, the wonderful thing is NOT BURN!!! I wish I were the same! I have to apply like 5 coats every 2 hours!
All in all it was a good time, we hope to go again soon, as Hyrum asks every other day about swimming!
Day #2 Hayden, my water baby! Isn't she super tan!
Day #2 Under this hut was part of the main pool area, this is in the morning, cool air, hot water!
Day #2 Morning, cool air and hot water
Day#1 Oscar, Hyrum and I in front of a palm tree, in the wave pool!
Day#1 Hyrum taking a break and eating some yogurt. Day #1 Hyrum and Oscar in the wave pool... it was windy, however the water is warm!
Day #2- Oscar and I in the main pool, hot spring water. There was a cool fountain... I got up on the rock several times!
Night #1 The hotel room, the half w/ 3 beds, Oscar and I were in the middle bed, the kids in the far bed, and the in laws in the bed closest to the camera!
Day #1 Hyrum, Hayden and I in the kiddie pool. It was a pretty cool pool!
Day #1 Oscar helping Hayden eat yogurt w/ a fork (no spoons)!


Myrnie said...

Oh gorgeous! I kind of wish I were in Mexico right now. It snowed again this morning...

Laura said...

Wow what fun. My kids are dieing to go to the pool, but I am not about is take 3 little kids to the pool alone. So pretty too.

Emma said...

Tons of fun! Can't wait to see you soon :).

Carmen said...

That does look like fun! And it reminds me of the hotel Ronnie and I stayed at on our honeymoon in Cancun... :)