Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last Sunday on the farm

Last Sunday we had to go and visit a friend of Oscar's and his family. They live in a small town near Oscar's hometown. However it's mostly dirt roads to get there! Well Hyrum had a blast w/ all the animals they have out there. It was a good Sunday evening as well a time to learn a bit!

First we learned Hyrum really isn't scared of animals. He got right up into the sheep's faces and wanted to play.

Second, that mom can pick up a baby sheep and help her son try and pet it... after this picture was taken... the mama sheep came running and I quickly put the baby down... I was afraid mama was going to ram me or something! It was funny, ask Oscar! hahaha.
Third Hyrum is still getting the in's and out's of going potty when away from home... therefore no pants... oops! However that doesn't slow him down... he was willing to feed the sheep, once they were back in their pen.
Fourth, we learned that chickens and turkeys sleep in trees down here... maybe in the US too, however I always thought they slept in coops!?
And fifth, Hayden... after a nap... learned how to walk on a pasture... not quite as even as grass! She had a good time seeing all the animals as well!
Definately something we'll do again, however not in Sunday dress... as so mom doesn't freak out if Hayden's dress gets dirty... I seem to do that a lot lately, freak out when the kids get their nice clothes dirty. Not something I can avoid for now... so I am learning to relax... learning!


Grofffamily said...

The kids look so cute Trey! That looks like a lot of fun!!


Laura said...

Cute! We had an ill fated trip to the zoo where Emma is not wearing pants in any of the pictures. Luckily she had a Shirley Temple ish style coat in the car, so I don't know if anyone really noticed.

Carmen said...

I love all your pictures Treyonna! :) I'm glad that Hyrum has learned how to use the potty now too! Miss ya!

Bebedores do Gondufo said...

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